( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

The Journey North
Day 1. 15 June 2004

Tuesday. A circumfluent route is taken to get to Oxford when Julian arives at my house a little after 7 o’clock. Missing the turn that will take us through the Oxfordshire villages of Ambrosden, Merton, and Islip, and instead we take an alternative road through the squaddie village of Arncott, with its Tornedo, and the bouncy rouad through Horton-cum-Studley.

When I get my Heathrow bound bus from the shops in Headington, I am leaving myself way to much time for a 11 o’clock check-in but it’s either this or pay for a grossly expensive taxi and all the cuffufal that that entails.

I am a little concerned when the first bus drives straight past the bus stop, but the next one stops and I make way to Heathrow with no further excitement — by one o’clock we am taxiing across the airport complex in our Icelandic Bowing 757.

Descending in across the I Icelandic coastline, we land amongst the lava fields and lupins at Keflavik airport, and I am back. For the third time in as many years I am walking through the clean stone lines and glass frontages of the arrivals building and then through the airport, within no time I am walking out the doors to the carpark and boarding the bus to Reykjavik.

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