( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

The Old Friend
Day 2. 16 June 2004

Wednesday. A good night’s sleep later – should I say ‘night’ when it never actually got dark? I rise and wash quickly before settling down to breakfast. the house is empty -the family having departed for work, though Adi does return briefly for his own breakfast.

Icelandic breakfasts are good. Sadly there is no skyr on offer, still, I do laiden several kinds of mjölk and fruit compôte onto the Bónus muesli. Orange juice, coffee, toast and rhubarb jam accompany the fair.

Following breakfast I wander up the road past the local shops and the school to the leisure centre. I wash and shower at the swimming pool – taking note of the graphic instruction chart for washing – before descending into geothermal bliss. I first try out Hot Pott 1 with it’s 100° heat, move up to Hot Pott 2 at 106°, but shy away from Hot Pott 3 and it’s 109° temperatures. I take a plunge into the main pool, with it’s outside temperatures – or at least so it seems – and swim a few lengths before plunging again into the hot pots and trying out the alarmingly exhilerating water slide.

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