I’ve applied for a new job at Blackwell’s. It’s for the same department, different subject different, doing the job of Production Editor – the job that it is invisaged that eventually, ECQC’s (Electronic Content Quality Controllers) will become. The thing is that will never happen unless the much talked of Validation Tool is developed by Technology – so I’m kind of attempting to jump early, so to speak…

Anyway, the interview is on Monday between 11 and 1 … ggrrr, I’m going to be starving by the end of it!

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Production Editor*/Production Editor (Medical Journal Production)
Location: Oxford
Reports to: team leader/deputy manager

Main purpose of job

To produce journals (or articles) in print and/or electronic form to an agreed standard of quality, cost, budgeted extent and to agreed schedules; to maintain management and administrative systems; to liaise with editors, authors, suppliers and internal departments.

  • Production Control/Management
    1. To ensure that all manuscripts are copy edited, electronically where possible, in accordance with the respective journal style.
    2. To manage freelance sources of supply to the required quality, on time and within budget.
    3. To oversee the despatch of proofs correctly and neatly from suppliers or in house.
    4. To size and commission artwork in accordance with agreed specified style, encouraging authors to submit artwork in electronic form whenever possible.
    5. To commission or produce contents lists, correspondence, volume indices as required to agreed standards.
    6. To check the quality of printed and electronic material.
    7. To anticipate work requirements and planned absences such as annual leave, making arrangements as appropriate.
    8. To cover for colleagues in their absence, and to assist them if requested by the line manager.
  • Communication – Internal and External
    1. To liaise with editors, authors and all editorial, journal and production managers to ensure that issues/articles are produced on time, to the agreed standard and within budget.
    2. To liaise with external suppliers to ensure that issues/articles are produced on time, to the agreed standard and within budget.
    3. To liaise with the advertising department to ensure that individual issues are produced cost effectively, to achieve even workings wherever possible, and to ensure that their attention is drawn to potential sales.
    4. To liaise with the offprint department to maximise the sales potential of individual articles and notify them of offprint requirements.
    5. To liaise with the Journal Production Administration team to ensure efficient and timely despatch of all printed issues.
    6. To liaise with the marketing department to ensure the accurate dissemination of information and to check promotional material as required.
    7. To prepare for and attend meetings as required.
  • Administration
    1. To carry out all relevant administration neatly and to maintain consistent records of all transactions and correspondence.
    2. To check and code suppliers’ invoices as agreed.
    3. To ensure that an accurate and tidy filing system is maintained.
    4. To maintain appropriate details of articles received, proofs sent and received, etc, using the JPS program.
    5. To revise and supply data for reports as required, e.g. the monthly production report.
  • Training and Development
    1. To undertake journal production training with internal training officers and external sources as required.
    2. To achieve a thorough understanding of the house training manual and materials.
    3. To attend nominated training courses to enhance existing skills and improve work-related knowledge and personal skills and to develop knowledge of the wider business environment.
  • Skills, Knowledge and Experience
    1. Relevant qualification (science or publishing) and/or production editor experience
    2. Good organizational skills
    3. Good interpersonal skills
    4. The ability to work independently
    5. The ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing
    6. A high standard of computer literacy: Microsoft Word, Excel, E-Mail

*assistant production editor
Duties of an assistant production editor are the same as those of a production editor. Assistant production editors are undergoing training and coaching and can therefore expect a higher level of supervision and support during this period. Progression to production editor is based on ability, skill and merit.

But hey, if I’m not successful, there’ll be other opportunities (you should see the turnover round here), and I am happy here in my current job with my new manager… ^__^