Our dog Sam has died. I am sad. I have had a sniffle and a cry. I am also relieved. I am a mix of emotions.

He was eight, but he had Cushing’s Disease and was losing alot of weight. He was also losing his fir around his his neck and tale dreadfully. Pills, injections, steroids and chimo have all worked a bit over the last couple of years, but there was never really much we could. Just keep him comfortable and love him as much as we could. And he’s had a better life than he could have done. We took him on from a rescue centre aged one, and he was very bouncy and loving for many years. Today though, my mum and dad decided it was too much, he wasn’t comfortable anymore, and it would be cruel to let him go on.

So now Barney is on his own … Top Dog I guess in the house…?

Sam, I miss you.