I’ve just been told. My application wasn’t successful.

Not that I’m really surprised, I had already worked (before they said) that I was up against some very strong competition. However, apparently I do have some very strong technical skills (thanks, I knew that!), and the fact that I’ve been very proactive in going out and getting more work, and helping out, over and above what’s in my job description worked in my favour (good, they noticed – that was the intention!)…

What let me down was that I didn’t have (or was unable to demonstrate) experience of dealing with difficult suppliers/authors and building relationships with people outside of the company. I’m a little miffed by this I have to say, as this is the one thing which my current job role doesn’t give me the opportunity to develop. Ho humm, I’ve relayed the feedback to Helen, so we are going to have think about what we can do about this when the next round of PDRs are with us next month.

All in all, I’m not too disappointed. A change would have been nice, but I’m perfectly happy right now in my current position, and the team which I’ve just joined/fallen into is very nice. And if I can do something about that one thing, then, with the *strong competition* out of the way in their new jobs, then, hey, maybe my time will have come?