A post, in which I tell of being contacted by someone from Poland who has discovered my liking of Estonian pop act Vanilla Ninja, and seems to want my help in making them more popular in the UK…

From: Charles
To: Thomas
Subject: Hi… About Vanilla Ninja i would like to speak…
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 16:26:09 +0200

Hi Thomas… I’ve seen Your journal and Your bio, in which i\’ve seen that You are from UK.

I have noticed that Vanilla Ninja are not so yet popular, but it amazing that You’ve got “TRACES of SADNESS”

We actually have a project called VN International:


In which we try to gather fans from over the globe.

It is hard stuff, but Your hand as a webdesigner and fan of VN is welcomed.

We’re currently running the service in English, Estonian, German, and Polish, but we need better promotion… OF course in the UK and Ireland.

Best regards and hope to hear from You soon


p.s. On 17th of July VN will do supporting act before the Pink in Austria. That is quite huge succes for Them, but which press (e.g. BBC?) to inform about it.