( haymaking in hungary )

Waiting for Zoë

Day 3. 20 July 2004

Tuesday. I wake to the sounds of: a) a dustcard collecting it’s rounds, b) roadworks, or c) the house next door being demolished. I think it is just A although the house on the corner opposite is a demolished ruin, so maybe…

I pull myself from late dreaming, shower, and head down to breakfast. Steven and Judy are already waiting for me in reception with their breakfast tokens. I introduce them both into the ‘system’ of breakfast, the dropping of the voucher into the mixing basin on the side, the cereal, the bread and the cheese and the cold meats. We find a cubicle to ourselves and settle down to breakfast and to make our final plans for the day.

Time comes at last for us to metro down to Buda and under the Danube, take the tram back up the river to the chain bridge, and the funicular railway up Castle Hill. That, at least, was the plan…

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