Taking an end of summer break from Oxford living at my parent’s house in the New Forest, I’ve finally got back to real, writerly work. I’ve reviewed the opening pages of both Flyht and Blood & Fire and have now tightened up the latter to produce both a *grabbing* 1,000 and 5,000 word opener to submit into the Novel Approach and Fish Unpublished Novel competitions respectively.

Going back and looking at these opening pages, honing down the language and the description to ensure that the story gets to a particular point (for one, I really did have to lose several hundred words to get to the point where Helen is lost) within the word limit allowed. It’s also amazing, after just a short spell at actually editing scientific/professional papers at work, how much more I am atuned to spotting confusing or imappropriate words.

Now, to Flyht … I have a section that takes me in 1,000 words up until Lindsay’s first spell of flying, but who knows how many spelling and grammatical errors I shall find lurking within those words? (oh, and drowned_books, yes I’m sure this post is full of errors too!! *grins*)