Well, I think it went good. Apologies if that last sentence doesn’t make good grammar but I’ve been a bit bleeuurgghh all afternoon. Oddly I’ve been okay when doing work, but when I tried to send out an email about My Footprint, for which I need about 2.2 planets (ouch!) I completely failed to send the weblink so that recipients just got a rather odd email from me! Huh?!

Back to the interview. It was an hour an a half long, and I answered all the questions without too many errs and ums, although there was one minute when I really felt like taking a meat cleaver to m wrists to stop my hands doing strange and bizarre accompanying hand gestures to illustrate my answers. What I can say is that they like me. I know that because Kim is a friend who I go to lunch with. I also I know that she’s been happy with the bits of work I’ve done for her, including a load of author corrections when she was on holiday. And I’ve started joining up all the dots of all the separate tasks, with the work I’ve been doing for JAN, so that’s experience I’ve had since the last Production Editor job I went for in July – and also something positive that I’ve done with interview feedback.

There are two other people being interviewed – one I think early next week, so D-Day for me will be next Wednesday. Will I be the next ECQC out the door, after Susie last week, Kerry this week, Sarah next, Jon – the week after, and Charlotte – the week after that? All change please…

Edit: Oh, and I do have a trump card. With Susie, Jon and Sarah all leaving and/or left recently, Will has ended up with no ECQC’s in Science Division so he might be pleased to have a Production Editor with a background in Synergy production – he’s already pulled in my services to work on the procedurally odd A&G … we shall see…?