…and because I haven’t posted for a few days…

name four bad habits you have:
– staying up too late (on a ‘school night’)
– chewing at my finger nails
– not being as tolerant of others as I would like
– doodling too much?

name four things that you wish you had:
– my novel published
– someone to be with, unconditionally
– a house in the country
– an intaglio printing press

name four scents you love:
– fresh-baked bread on a clear sunny day
– peppermint
– woodsmoke
– fresh cut grass

name four things you’d never wear:
– anything pink
– speedos (some things just don’t suit anyone)
– body piercings (ouch!)
– a tattoo (double ouch!)

name four things you are thinking about right now:
– it’s almost time for bed
– I should really think about organising this year’s Novemberfest
– (stolen from Jody, but it’s true…) how much I love the people who support and encourage me and give me advice
– this survey!

name four things that you have done today:
– created three usericons for Jo
– marked up a bunch of author corrections
– topped up on my shopping after the weekend
– thought about my novel but not done anything about it

name the last four things you have bought:
– a course of life drawing glasses
– a week’s shopping
– too much petrol
– cat food

name four people you would like to spend more time with: (er, time at all…)
– Megan and Heather
– Jody
– Rachel
– Helen
– Kelly

(…I know, I know that was more than four, but honestly, you expect me to choose?!)

name four bands/groups/singers most people don’t know you like:
– Vanilla Ninja
– The Corrs
– Natasha Bedingfield
– S Club 7 – yeah, I know it’s manufactured pop, but everyone needs a little once in a while…

name four drinks you regularly drink:
– peppermint tea
– milk
– coffee
– water

name four random facts about yourself:
– I was born in Derbyshire
– I like soft, cuddly things
– I love kicking leaves in the autumn/fall
– I have conversations with myself