Although I promised that we would be able to let you know the outcome of your interview today, I’m afraid that some circumstances have changed in the last 24 hours that will mean that we cannot finalise our decision until Friday. It will be necessary for us to discuss our plans with the HR department and the only available time is late tomorrow afternoon.

I realise that this keeps you and the other candidates on tenterhooks a little longer, for which I offer my sincere apologies.

It was very nice telling me what they have (seeings as I was expecting to hear today) but really I think they should have told me less! 🙁

My head tells me that I should put of all this to the back of my mind and get on with things until I hear something… of course my heart is telling me something quite different. Butterflies are now in my stomach, and anxiety fills my thoughts. What does it mean?!!! …and then as I just manage to put it from my mind … and then you hear a bit of gossip…