( haymaking in hungary )

Attila #2: ‘I am very lazy’

Day 6. 23 July 2004

Friday. I wake close to 6 o’clock with the remnants of a very, very weird dream – impossible to recount or describe – that I am sure can only have been brought on via an excess of lard.

It seems that I am not alone at still be sleepy after the night before. Atilla, himself, is having a lie-in, after he declares often that “I am very lazy”, and that that phrase, well, “It’s my favourite” (Attila #1). The tractor ride to the orchard soon shakes the remnants of any sleep from us, and by 6.30 we are warmed up and working with our scythes.

Most of the group head down to the lower, more open part of the orchard to finish off from yesterday. Helen, Jessica, Judy and I go with Imre to the top of he orchard and work beneath the old, twisted and knarled plum trees in the more orchardy part of the orchard. Prior to breakfast we are privy to Imre’s Scything Masterclass, wherein we learn how, when held correctly the upper, left hand should be close to the body and should not move much, but rather act as a pivet from which the scythe will move. The right hand meanwhile should be pushed forward, close to the ground, taking small, incremental cuts as you shuffle forwards. It’s also easier to cut grass when the dew is still fresh…

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