Today I intended to devote to writing many many words of Blood & Fire. It is now ten minutes to seven, and I have:

  • cut the grass
  • cut back the budlea
  • cleared out the bean plants
  • weeded the garden front and back
  • repaired the draw runners to the kitchen draws (overdue by some six months)
  • replaced a defunct fuse in the landing light (possibly overdue by a year??)

Granted all of these things needed doing. Something which did not need doing was watching the greater part of the Hollyoaks omnibus on Channel 4 – for this I thoroughly ashamed of myself and will be repenting myself for for some time to come…

Why could I have not sat down and written more than the ten words that I have. What is wrong with Ben, Helen and Hanna Katla that I cannot move them to play out their story?!!!

Grggghhh, procrastination…!!! *growls some more*