Okay, time to recount my day. In short, it wasn’t the best. On the road into Islip, there are three sharp bends. The first two are marked as such, the third is not. However I know this road, and I know these bends. I know that the third one is probably more dangerous, and should be approached with caution. It wasn’t raining at the time, but it had been raining all night – it had also got quite cold – maybe there was a bit of black ice, or leaves, or oil, or grease or something. But I skidded, crossed the road, steered away, swung round and parked myself backward into a ditch and into a hedge.

My door was against the bank and I had to climb out the window, called Britannia Rescue and then stood around getting cold… thankfully they arrived before it started to rain. I was pleasently surprised by the number of cars who pulled up and asked me if I was okay, and I got the “I’m fine – just waiting for the rescue service…” explanation down to a fine art…

Retreating in the end back to my house, I then spent about 4 hours phoning insurance companies and garages, and my manager at work to explain my absense. Finally, I think I know where I am at, and it’s just possible that the car might even be fixed by tomorrow evening. Which would make my weekend away to see my Mum so much more convenient. If not, I will be making use of Britain’s fine railway system.

Still, the main thing is that I am fine. Car is okay-ish, and I have a nice weekend in the New Forest to look forward to, including a trip to see The Hound of the Baskervilles at the Salisbury Playhouse.