My week? A curious one, and one that concluded with a decision finally being reached. Things are changing. Things may never be the same.

As of Monday, I will no longer be working in Professional Division at Blackwell Publishing; I will be working in both Professional and Science Divisions – most likely heading up both on the electronic side. Science Division are buying back two days of my time from Professional to work for them, and get their online journals on track again after the hiatus that has been all their *electronic* staff departing. In return for this they are not paying me any more money; they are, however they have agreed to the terms that I laid down for them and giving me my own journal. I will be trained up to handle all production (print and online) for Insect Molecular Biology (IMB).


And thus, we come to the something I alluded to in my last post. This weekend, in between buying pumpkins at a local farm shop, swimming, food shopping and watching dvds, the colours of autumn, and the driving rain … I have been working on my Mum’s birthday present. Three years ago I printed and bound her novel into a published volume. She loved it. This year I am going to do the same for her second 80-page story. I now have four segments printed, sawn, and waiting to be sewn and glued.


I like bookbinding. Anyone got any books that need binding?

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