It is a truly sad, sad day for the US. I am gobsmacked by events, but I guess this is what happens when you stress the importance to go out and vote. The democrats did go out and vote in large numbers. The problem is, so did the evangelical right.

I found a George Bush mug in the kitchen cupboard at work today (I’m assuming it was bought as a joke?). I dearly wanted to clear the atrium and then drop it the the full height of the three floor and watch it smash. Actually, I think that might have been artistically interesting too…

What I find even more alarming is that it seems that these that people went out and voted for Bush not because of the economy, or his stance on terrorism and the war on Iraq (to do so would have been misguided but I could have understood it I guess), but because of his religious beliefs. Since when have religious beliefs been a political issue. How can you vote for a man who is against stem-cell research and gay marriages, and who is anti-abortion.

Still, I am lucky. Without exception, all my US friends are part of the decent, intelligent, and thoughtful half of the population. I love you all. And my thougts are will you. Roll on 2008, and another Clinton in the White House maybe?