Last night the House of Commons voted (again) and overwhelmingly (again) to ban hunting with dogs. Tonight the House of Lords voted (again) to not ban it. The current session of parliament ends tomorrow, and so the Government can impose the Parliament Act of 1949 and over-rule the House of Lords.

Here I will disclose my personal view. Hunting with dogs should be banned. It’s cruel and (whatever they say) unnecessary. It is outdated and a tradition that should now cease to be.

There’s its said. But let’s move on. Quite apart from this, our elected House of Commons has now voted more times than I can remember in the last seven years to ban hunting, and our unelected and hereditary House of Lords voted it out. It’s crunch time, and lets face it, in a democratic society, the decision has to rest with the elected house.

So role on a ban, and if it comes into force in three months time, so much the better. As for this years hunts, they all are pretty much over by February anyway.

…and then our elected representations can get a move on and start sorting out the things that really do need sorting.