Lots of traffic on the roads tonight for some reason, so Jane – our tutor – was late to class. The model was on time so we started by ourselves. Not a bad sketch all things considered. Certainly a much better start than last week.

10 minute pose

Halfway through the first pose Jane arrived. She was going to get us doing 10 minute poses, so we continued straight on and did another one. This time all the component parts are there, but in slightly the wrong place. See… good head, and good body, but look how head sits on the body. Ugh, all wrong, wrong, wrong…


…and then came the five minute poses. I’m actually pretty happy with how these ones turned out. The graphite pencil drawing on the left was drawn looking only at the model and not at all at the paper. The one on the right was brush and ink so unable to make mistakes.


…and thus we come again to sequences of two minute poses superimposed on the other. I’m still not 100% convinced about this, as you see in the first one…


…however the second one has something which I actually find quite interesting…


We had a small break and a look at the other’s work at this point, before settling down to a long 50 minute pose (although the time soon goes and it seems like way less than 50 minutes!). Some people settled for one drawing, others lots of drawings from different angles. For myself I decided to split the time roughly in half and do two sketches of the same pose.

First we have the male nude, seated in brush and ink, and then in pastel. I’m really very happy with these.