This years Christmas cards are starting to arrive in earnest now, however I would like to pause here for a moment and give thanks, yes truly, appreciative thanks to British Rail. For if it wasn’t for British Rail and the much delayed Nottingham to Norwich Regional Railways service I would not have met Carole. I was second year student at the time, and she a fresher. I was at college in Alsager and she in Liverpool. Her parents lived just outside Norwich, and mine in Lowestoft. We were sat opposite each other across the table, and we got talking.

We stayed in contact, and the following term I went up to Liverpool to visit her, and she showed me the sites. This was in 1992 and we have stayed in touch ever since, exchanging Christmas cards every year, and now, the occasional email. It’s ages since we have actually met up with each other, but we always feel as if we haven’t lost contact, or couldn’t see each other again. There was never anything romantic there, just a good solid, platonic friendship.

So, yes, thank you British Rail for the much delayed train service that got us into the Norwich (technically) the day after you should have done. You have at least made two people’s lives the richer. ^__^