( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

The Illusive Eider and the Old School

Day 5. 19 June 2004

Saturday morning, I wake, and roll up the blinds onto another sunny day broken only by low cloud over the sea and in the mountain tops. I have slept – and dreampt – well in this old hospital of Ísafjörður.

Breakfast is another fine one of cereal with assortments of milk and skyr followed by cold meats, cheese, and herring on rye bread and malt loaf.

We pay our (very reasonable) bill and depart, stopping at the Bonus store on the edge of twon to stock up on provisions for lunch, chocolate raisins for the journey, and food for the grill tonight, when we will be joined by Signý and Drífa and their boyfriends, Nils and Kjartjan.

Onwards we drive round the fjörds, with the Drangajökull glacier always looming tantalisingly close across the water, to Suðavik, a town on the edge of the mountains and the water, when in 1995 there was a terrible avalanche of snow that tragically swept away many houses and killed a dozen people.

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