( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

The Longest Day and a City of Art

Day 7. 21 June 2004

Monday. The longest day. A cultural day, and I want to make the most of it. I wake early – 7 o’clock – and pick myself from my bed shortly after. I breakfast and shave, and then pack my back for the day and head out, catching the #15 bus and jumping off by the sports fields and complexes to go swimming at the Laugardalslaug pool.

Heeding the ever-present instructions to wash thoroughly without costume, I head out into the pool. Taking to the smaller one first, I swim a couple of lengths, and try a water slide, but this one feels a little slimy, so I head for the shallow pool. This proves to be a popular, but again slightly slimy one – so much so that I slip, slide and flip over into the water, crashing down spectacularly in front of half a dozen fellow bathers. I crawl to the side and lie there in warm waters with a cloudless blue sky above me and snow-capped mountains somewhere over yonder.

I don’t stay long though, and make for the hot pott proper ? an irregular shape of multi-levels broken up by lava boulders (maybe elfish homes, immovable&hellip!) set in the concrete.

Following a stay in blissful warmth, I take to the fifty metre outdoor pool. This is cold (by comparison) and not a bit slimy. I’m not used to Olympic length pools but I manage several hundred metres none the less. It is during this that I notice the ?seriously’ hot potts along the side. I try all of them, liking the mid-temperature Hot Pott’s #2 and #3 and finding #4 with it’s 110-114°F temperature just a little too much. The sauna too, I shy from, favouring another swim and a sit in the irregular ?boulder’ pott.

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