[23:03] Thomas: What happened to your Gaby story?
[23:03] Miss Rachel: about 20,000 words long… not finished tho
[23:05] Thomas: it’s those last three words that you need to do something about 😉
[23:06] Miss Rachel: pots and kettles! 😛
[23:06] Miss Rachel: how long’s the novel now?
[23:07] Thomas: on the cusp of 50,000 words
[23:08] Thomas: on the cusp of the end of chapter three
[23:08] Thomas: on the cusp of half completed
[23:08] Miss Rachel: yay
[23:08] Thomas: …err… about the same as it was before Christmas… 🙁

It’s not that I haven’t been writing, I have. I’ve been working through getting my recent travelogues finished, but it’s still not writing my novel. I must get back to my baby … it’s been too long…