( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

Reykjavik Subhurbs, Revolving Restaurants and Sneaking into the University Library

Day 8. 22 June 2004

Tuesday. Another gorgeous dayof sunshine and 20°C temperatures. I breakfast leisurely, and head out shortly after 9 o’clock to catch #14 bus to Árbæjarsafn — the open air museum at Árbær. I get the bus easily but the journey across town is not without excitement. I realise too late my stop for the farm and end up going on a tour round a housing estate and a short wait at another bus station for hitching on the return bus.

The farm museum, when I get there are thirty or so houses on a 12½ hectare site — no way near the size and scale of the excellent Open Air Museum in Tallinn, but it is no less brilliant. With the exception of a few buildings all the houses have been moved from their original Reykjavik locations, and erected in the museum, and situated within one of five areas: the town square, village, harbour, countryside, and machine hall; and the names of each refer to the locations they came from.

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