( The Land of the Midnight Sun )

The Blue Lagoon

Day 9. 23 June 2004

Wednesday. Slept well, and had to be woken for my early start. I wash quickly and breakfast before heading out to catch the #115 to the BSÍ bus station, where I believe the Iceland Excursions tour goes from.

It turns out that it doesn’t, and none of the staff know anything about it. Slumping down, frustrated, in the departure lounge I try phoning the company. I speak to a very helpful girl on the phone who assures me that a bus can come and pick me up and take me on the Blue Lagoon tour – it seems that they normally do hotel pickups.

I wait, with some trepidation, before a small, freshly painted bus arrives. When I board there are already two other English girls on board, and we are joined by half a dozen more people as we tour some more hotels before making our way to the ticket office; housed in an old double-decker bus on the edge of a filling station forecourt outside the Kringlan shopping mall.

We disembark, to hand over our 3,200 IKR and then re-board the bus with the friendly “old boy” driver (as the man is so affectionately referred
to by my guys in the ticket office.

Setting off for the Blue Lagoon now, the road takes us most of the way back to Keflavik airport before we turn off down a metalled road cut
from an endless grey lava field…

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