The Golden Circle and Drawing on Tables in 101 Reykjavik

Day 15. 20 August 2002

Tuesday. Awaking from a warm, good night’s sleep we breakfast in the hut, pack our bags once more and head off on the road once more. At the loneliest signpost we turn right – 73km to Reykjavik.

We journey on through cold dessert on a road, that deteriorates so dramatically that even the sheep are no longer interested in it. We weave our way past glaciers, glacial lakes (though nothing to compare to last year’s Jökulsarlon adventure), down past hills streaked in whit, grey, green, brown and blue.

After two hours we emerge out of the highlands onto a paved road once more, and from there arrive at the first stop of the famous Golden Circle: Gullfoss. Walking down from the car at the top, it is like approaching a version of Dettifoss that has been surrounded by green and lush vegetation. The path is flat and even with a hand rails – everything is made easy for large numbers of visitors even on a day of thick, grey cloud and rain, like it is today. We stand above the waterfall, gazing upon Gullfoss, a waterfall that has water that has come, like us, out of the highlands.

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