“We didn’t come on this exact path, but,” answers Helen, “An hour? An hour and a half, tops.” She looks along the line at her brother, and adds, simply, “Why?”

Ben points, over at the mountains beyond, “That.”

The rest turn to look. Hannah vocalises all their thoughts. “What is it with these storms?!” Stopping for a moment they just stare at the looming clouds, building and blackening as they speak. A cold rush of valley sweeps across the valley, as the wind picks up. Birds rise from their roosts and squawk noisily.
“What is it with you and these storms?” Ben turns to face his sister. Suddenly it’s said. The slowly germinating thoughts and preoccupations manifest themselves in words.

Current wordcount: 51,039
No. of pages: 187

And I know exactly what happens next. And how that builds, and is juxtaposed, and of how the chapter ends…