I admire those who travel light; Just how do they manage it. Also, how come they always seem to have more clothes to wear than me but have lighter bags?

whose homes are shrines to minimalist good taste. But I like Things. I envy the miminalist – spacious look but I can’t be without my expanding library of books and…

When I travel – whether it be for one day or a month – I need to feel prepared for any eventuality…

If travelling by train, I need at least two books (in case I finish the first book, or it turns out to be rubbish). Yup, me too. It’s definitely a curse! ^_-

Also a Walkman of some sort with at least half a dozen tapes or CDs. Now I have my iRiver, I find this is not such a problem. My entire cd collection, and now an increasing quantity of my tape and record collection too, in one handy box ^__^

Sanitary protection, even if my period is nowhere near due. Personally, I don’t find this one a problem… *grins*

A lipstick and a mirror. No, I don’t have find I need these either…

Dozens of tissues (for what if I should suddenly be struck down with a bad cold?) Doesn’t everybody do this? A torch too – what if it gets dark?

Plenty of pens and something to write in. My novel goes with me everywhere. And I have to have my story notebook with me too.

When I bought records, I would always tape them and play the tapes, so that the vinyl stayed pristine. For me it, was I bought the record or the cd because I liked the disc-like aspect of them, but I would also get a blank tape at the same time to record it, for playing in the walkman, or latterly in the car. I would lovingly recreate the sleeve designs by hand in the days before colour photocopiers, scanners and laser printers. This means that I now have a box load of tapes that I don’t really need.

I hang on to Things even if I never use them, wear them, look at them. I need my Things around me, Even when I go on holiday I need to take things with me which I don’t strictly need, but make my space feel my own. I don’t need to feel like home, but just, to have things around me to make me feel my own.

they’re as much a part of me as my skin. They are invested with so many memories, so many ideas. And the memories stay with me. When I find them again after years, I remember with fondness the memories that are attached to my taking ownership of them.