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Ben turns the head of his flashlight, flicking the beam and off in a crude kind of morse code. Along the lane, Hannah and Alice are doing the similar. The headlights on the road above have stopped again, and now they can hear voices in the wind. Recognisable voices. There names being called.

At 22:50 hours on Sunday, 30 January 2005 I finish Chapter Three. I complete half of my book, Blood & Fire. And so come the stats, chapter three is 17,128 words and 61 pages long. It has taken some 50 days to write, although I first started it, alarmingly enough on 7 April 2004.

If I can mantain recent momentum, then a completion date for whole novel is within sight this year, maybe even by the summer … however if I slip back into my old (and bad) habits of procrastination and other destractions, we are looking at some future year hence… *grins*

Watch this space for details.