As hinted at in my last post, on Saturday 12 February 2005, this journal celebrated it’s second birthday. I say celebrated, but actually, when it came to it, after all the best made plans, we both forgot. But anniversaries are anniversaries, and I feel the need to mark this occasion in some way.

And so, at some indeterminate moment in the future, I shall present to you the State Of The Sheep address. It will a reflective piece in which I look back over the last two years, and I will look forward, and it will almost certainly be long, and rambling, and most likely tediously dull. Some of you may find some interest in it.

In order to help me with this, I am going to conduct a poll here, to gather research for said address…

Note: Be as honest as you like. Really, this might look serious, but it’s really just a bit of fun!! *grins*