This week is turning out to be quite a week. So far so good, in that today I did pass my First Aid at Work refresher course, which will keep me going for another three years – but not without (possibly misplaced) anxiety. Yesterday was good, as it was all information and practice, more information and more practice, but today, the morning session was eclipsed by the assessment to follow this afternoon.

In the end it was okay, I fluffed my way through a couple of questions surrounding CPR but I demonstrated the practical side okay. I now have a little Red Cross badge – I doubt I’ll ever wear it… *grins*

However I am now tired and exhausted by today. What I really want to do is have a nice peaceful day tomorrow – go back into work, keep my head down and mouth shut, and do my work. But I can’t. I have to gear myself back up for my interview. Worse? It’s timed for 12 till 2 so you can guess what my stomach is gonna being saying about that!!

I want this job too! Still, at least I had that chat with Tina about it on Saturday and got my secret weapon planned… ^__^

Is it to early too say, roll on the weekend? By chance…