Upon arriving in work this morning after being off for two days, I found waiting for me, in addition to the Ecological Entomology articles, my dvd of Press Gang – Season Two, which I shall settle back and enjoy shortly… ^__^

I also found waiting for me not one, but two copies of Vanilla Ninja’s new (third) album, Blue Tattoo. Definitely one for the ‘eclectic musical tastes’ shelf of my cd collection, this is the four-girl Estonian rock group whose first album I ordered blind over the internet after seeing them reviewed in the Tallinn Airport magazine. Definitely uncool *grins* I don’t care. It’s great, get my my imagination and write my stories music. And this album, upon first listening is actually not half bad. The two videos included on it, play in fantastic full-screen quality too on my computer.

(I have two copies due to CDWow losing one in the post, which as now turned up, after they sent me out a replacement. Ah well, you can never have too much uncool!!)