Still no official announcement yet, but apparently I am allowed to start telling people. Actually its about to become a bit blatantly obvious somethings up, ‘cos as of tomorrow its going to my last day in Professional Division. I will be moving desks come Monday morning about 10 metres to the East and 5 or so metres to the north to work out my last days as an ECQC solely in Science Division.

My new home will be with a window seat, which will be different, and possibly encourage my plants to grow a little more, but it will only be temporarily. In June, the whole department is having a bit of a shuffle round and so no doubt I shall be nestled somewhere new (again).

I have now found out which journals I will be getting. My partners in crime will be BIJ, BOJ and ZOJ – and yes, if you say them correctly they do sound characters on a kid’s tv show. These are the Biological, the Botanical, and the Zoological journals of the Linnean Society respectively.

Lots of new species launches and so embargoes on the online copy. But I don’t get to worry about online ‘cos I’m going into print! ^__^