It’s actually only a month. But a lot has happened in a month. I realised this today after coming home from a walk in the woods where the bluebells are carpetting the forest floor, and downloaded the photos off the camera. I found a month’s worth of photos on the camera – and looked at some of them anew, like in those days of old, when you would have a 35mm film processed to find a miscellaneous collection of prints.

So where has the month gone? Where has April gone?

Straight after Easter, it was a busy end of month at work, followed by a short and unusual week of First Aid training and interviews. This was followed by a week of uncharacteristic highs, including new jobs and then another one of new desks, strange coincidences and finding out more about Project NellyTM.

This week may be a bit calmer, but I’m kind of hoping it’s not… *grins*