I thought I might get a bit of a lie-in today. I was off to a training course – so I ought to get a bit of a lie-in. But no, train times dictated I rise with my normal alarm. I made my way into London on the Chiltern line, and made my way across Town from Marylebone to Clapham Junction without the slightest of hassles. From there, I made my way (again without hassle) to the house in Rochelle Close where I will be undergoing Project NellyTM

It turns out that I most likely have all (or most) of the skills present in me, it’s just that I’m missing the ability to read the map correctly – either that or someone’s printed the instruction book in the wrong language. I got introduced the idea of mind-mapping where you break down conversations or ideas that you want to discuss into different areas. I was actually able to demonstrate in the session how this might help me with reading lack of interest in a subject which I’m interested in but my conversationee is not.

My homework then: conversations

options – outcomes
– opener – offers
– intuition
– ask questions

mind-mapping: know where I am
respect boundaries
tell people what I’m doing (if I’m jumping about over the map, tell them where I’m off to, so that they can follow!)

rapport: observing

Edit: It seems that my conversational style – in its wayward tendancy to follow the strangest of thought patterns – can sometimes resemble a cross between Ronnie Corbet and Ben Elton – except possible more irritating than the former and not as funny as the latter… Ho-Hum!