Today, I purchased my new whizzy laptop. I shall leave all the geeky jargon for those that understand such things; surfice it to say that it will blow my old computer completely out the water. Actually talking about old computers, I think that somewhere I have a cd upstairs with the entire contents of a previous computer six times over…?!

So, it’s a Dell Inspiron 6000; it’s silver and white with a 15.4 widescreen display and it has enough memory to cope with my rather prolific photography habit. Soon, gone will be the days when opening a photo results in 10 minutes of watching an egg timer followed by unresponsiveness, a couple of pathetic beeps and the now infamous blue screen of death.

The question is they say, on average, expect 7-10 days till delivery, so on the outside they are telling me it should be here by a week on Friday, but can it arrive sooner? Could I have it by the weekend?

Update: As of 20:33 it has entered Stage 2 of 5 – Pre-production (not that I have the status page on refresh or anything… *grins*)