Killing Wendy and a slice of meat in fur

Day 10. 27 July 2004

Tuesday. When we wake around 7:30, it is still raining – a continual patter patter on roof and out in the yard. Stepping out, refreshed and rejuvenated onto the verandah, at first I find not a single soul in evidence. Most of the gang have woken earlier and gone down to Csabi’s Place at 6 o’clock for the killing of Wendy. Presently the stay at home’s – that’ll be Jessica and Louise, Ewan and myself are up and ready for breakfast.

Helen is the first of the slaughter crew to arrive back, dripping water from her raincoat. It turns out that her stomach is turned somewhat and not just from the watching the kill, but has been sick during most of the night and is still not perfect.

We breakfast again in the hall; it still feels wrong but perhaps a little less wrong with the presence of rain. For some it is there second breakfast, for Martin and Claire have already tried eating a pig’s ear – more precisely Wendy’s ear – blow torched in the cooking and a bit chewy and cartilagey to the taste.

Following breakfast we board the three vehicles and drive to the cave system which we will be visiting today. No one has explained exactly what the plan is today, except for drip caves, Hungarian dancing and the intriguing ‘meat in fur’ for lunch…

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