Bathing in caves and Eating Wendy

Day 11. 28 July 2004

Wednesday. I wake sometime in the middle of the night – 3:30 maybe – and go back to sleep – then again at 7 – aghh my alarm! It’s switched off? I get up anyway and sit for a while to write my novel on the veranda whilst the rain continues to fall, steadily and heavily; and Shakira, plays and rolls on the concrete, going crazy out of the rain.

Plan B then. We breakfast – brought out to us on the veranda because the Transylvanians who stayed over after last night’s party are still sleeping. Imre joins us, cast out from the main room too. We are to abandon ideas of work and Imre will drive some of us to the cave baths of Termál Borlangf�rd� on the outskirts of Misolc. However, only Imre’s van is available today and so only eight of us can go. Helen (who is still feeling under the weather), Jessica (who hasn’t got a costume), and Claire volunteer to stay behind. In the end Attila drives his car so can take Claire and Jessica. Helen opts to stay
behind and catch up on some of her BTCV paperwork. And thus another expedition begins…

Gabor drives the green monster to a nearby shop/service station just beyond Kelemer, where he deposits his passengers and drives away. Waiting in Imre’s van or perusing the shelves of the little shop, stocking up on chocolate and paprika, and some candy bars with the same cottage cheese filling as the cakes on
the night. We buy…

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