This morning, seemingly a blink of an eye since it first started, the Project NellyTM series of coaching, came to a close. Bill came up to Oxford for a wrap-up session, that first involved me for, and then brought in Louise and Duncan. I had to sum up what I thought I’d learnt, and in doing this, I created a series of action points for me to continue to work towards:

  • awareness of mine and other’s time presures
  • switching off conversation…
  • state management (adjusting the state of my mind for pre-meeting to meeting to post-meeting in the broadest sense of the word ‘meaning’)
  • object orientation
  • listening (and understanding/realising other people’s object orientation)

The overall perception was that over the course of these three or four months (yes, it has actually been that long), my awareness and confidence have grown considerably. Duncan himself, said that he had noticed huge differences in me, which makes me happy, as it does validate the investment in training that he has put into me. We looked at Helen’s original email – a curious beast in that it only exists in the form of a typed bullet list in an email because she was leaving for maternity leave and so wouldn’t be around for all the discussions – and we all decided that were that to be written now, it would be a different list. Somethings probably wouldn’t be on it; some would have less weight behind them. Changes have been made. Maybe I am on the cusp of reaching unconcious competence in these things.

Of course it’s not all over. Bill will be offering an after sales service of phone and email contact, and will check back in with both Louise and myself come the end of September and October. We haven’t even really touched yet on organising myself for the big meetings with external clients, and so it is likely that come the end of October I will have another coaching session to address this specific topic, leaving me free to end the hallowed society doors of Burlington House in London’s Picadilly and face the might of distinguished professors et al

I don’t think I’ve cracked this thing by any means, but I do feel like I do now have a rule book that is printed in English for me, and that I am slowly understanding; becoming more confident in my ways; and self-aware of myself and aware others.

It’s been an intense few months, which possibly explains why my novel is still not much over the 60,000 word stage. I have ideas running through my head only this evening, and yet no time to write them down. I must make time. I have so many goals that i want to conquer…