Thankfully, today, I spent some time cutting back this summer’s growth from the budlea, and a bit of lopping of some of the longer shoots from the wisteria. This meant that I had to fetch the brown garden bin from the front to tidy up, and in turn, upon returning the bin to its place by the front door, noticing the parcel from amazon that had handily been left down the side of the bin between it and the wall…

Thank you Royal Mail, but I believe that you are supposed to put a card through my door saying what you’ve done with it!!

What was in said parcel from amazon was my copy of The Grand Tour: or The Purloined Coronation Regalia, being a revelation of matters of High Confidentiality and Greatest Importance, including extracts from the intimate diary of a Noblewomanand sworn testimony of a Lady of Quality by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Steverner, the sequal to Sorcery and Celia: or the enchanted chocolate pot, being the… (you get the idea by now!), which has been a bit of a present to me, and a copy of Furry Logic: Parenthood, which is my birthday present to my sister-in-law (yeah, I know it’s a month late by had to have it shipped over from the US of A).

What followed this discovery, was several very enjoyment minutes reading said Furry Logic books and giggling mercifully at the enjoyment contained within.