On 2 March 2004 I wrote a song. Well, I say I, but it was more Hanna Katla’s song from my novel Blood & Fire. I later recorded the vocals, on veeb‘s insistance, and the results can still be found here.

Since then Hanna Katla/T Shepherd has a few songs, or bits of songs, and I’ve been wondering whether I could play the guitar and further this songwriting pursuit. Shamelessly egged on by veeb, and after encountering the elephant and spiderweb song this summer in Romania, today I went down to the my local Bicester Music Centre and bought a beginners classical accoustic guitar for a little over £40.

The guitar came with a 52 week online guitar lessons. Between lesson one, and a beginners book, I have learnt the chords of A, D, and E major, and played a simple treble string tune on open strings.

Possibly getting a little ahead of myself, I tried to add some music to Earth In Me. I really, really, don’t know what made me do this, and I have even less idea why it is that I’m sharing this with you…??!!!

Earth In Me (after first guitar lesson – key of Eb)