1. I am tired. I feel like, till now I haven’t really stopped for two days. Yesterday and today were taken up with a big JPM day (JPMs being Journal Publishing Managers, or ‘them-editorial-folk-who-promise-society’s-the-world-and-then-leave-us-in-production-to-figure-out-how-to-deliver’) and 46 of us from Oxford and Edinburgh took over the Ask pizzaria in Oxford last night for a work social (with a bill topping some thousand pounds!). I got home at half past midnight to get up again at 6 to get to work for 8… I have been a bit sleepy all day, and now I’m tired.

2. I popped into Oxford again after work this evening to post ‘the unwanted’ back to Britannia, buy a picture frame for the photo I shall get printed for my Granpa’s 90th birthday on Sunday.

3. I bought Sigur Rós’ new album, Takk, which is as usual very, very good 🙂

4. The unlock code for lesson two of my guitar course has been emailed to me.

5. I want to go out tomorrow and find some blackberries to pick.