I’ve never posted a link to something in The Sun, and I probably never will again, but this is just too damn hilarious.

One of the Production Assistants at work, one Fernando Alonso has been getting quite a bit of press really – ITV Central News on Tuesday, article in The Sun today, and all because he gets misdirected fan mail…

Won’t leave me Alonso

A MODEST bachelor who can’t drive is being bombarded with lusty letters — because his name is FERNANDO ALONSO like the Formula 1 champ.

Publisher Fernando, 27, lives in Oxford near to the famous racing driver and comes from northern Spain like the star.

But instead of living the life of a millionaire he has one room in a shared house and rides a push-bike. Sexy letters have flooded in from as far as Holland and Spain.

Fernando said: “They say things like ‘I want to get to know you and you are a great driver,’ which is funny as I don’t have a car.

“When I got the first letter I soon realised it was not meant for me. She said she loved me.

“It was from a girl called Astra from Holland. She asked me to ring her.”

Another was from Claire, a pretty 23-year-old, from Suffolk, who said she worked for the Football Association.

Fernando, who scrapes by on £15,000 a year, said: “She said she was a good character and wanted to meet me.”

One girl included a picture of herself in a skimpy outfit.

Fernando moved to Oxford two years ago to improve his English.

He split from Japanese girlfriend Eriko last month but is never tempted to write back seeking romance.

He added: “My ex didn’t understand why they were writing.

“I think they find out that the real Fernando lives in Oxfordshire then look up my address and mix us up.”

The famous Fernando, 24, became the youngest ever F1 champ this weekend at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Fernando No2 said: “Now he is getting more and more famous, I think I will start getting more and more letters.”

Picture: REUTERS
AGE: 24
LIVES: Oxford
JOB: Formula 1 world champ
WAGES: £3million a year basic
WHEELS: He drives 220mph Renault F1 car

AGE: 27
LIVES: Oxford
JOB: Publisher
WAGES: £15,000 a year
WHEELS: This mountain bike. Hasn’t passed driving test

It must be a slow news week! Still, it’s been giving us alot of ammusement at work!!