[ Much of this was composed either in mind or in text on Wednesday night, but never posted here due to installation of a full version of Norton – I hate setting up computers! ]

I met up with veeb after work tonight. Fighting my way down the Cowley Road, I meet up with the fellow ex-ECQC’er in the Cafe Coco, for a drink and a bit of a chat. We talked, a bit about work, a bit of rememberences of the ‘old days’ – ten years ago – when the internet still seemed like a really neat idea. He was talking about the new site that he’s designing for himself, and of how it will have a ‘journal’ element to it – but it won’t be livejournal. This kind of led to me saying that how, for me, livejournal has been wonderful at providing me with the writing/writers network, something that I lost after leaving college.

This brought to mind me talking about the excellent Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn which I have just finished reading. At the end of it there are two pages of acknowledgements, including, towards the end, this:

‘I would also like to acknowledge the insights and expert knowledge of the Samurai History Archive on the World Wide Web and members of the discussion forum.’

This got me thinking. I don’t think I can recall ever seeing an acknowledgement to message boards on the internet, for a novel before … I wonder how long it will be before before LiveJournal is mentioned specifically in the dedication to a novel. And then I thought, if it’s not already been done, maybe I could be that first. Certainly my novel has gained a lot from the input of such friends and communities as applecatching, cloud_less, veeb, rachel2205 and . The e-beast kind of deserves some kind of mention… *grins*

Did I say this before? I like Autumn.