I have no idea idea why, but apparently my Dad has been invited to have lunch with Elizabeth (aka The Queen) – and when I say lunch I mean about 8 people! This is particularly strange as my dad is, if anything, a republican and against all the titles rubbish and the ‘stuff’ that goes with titles. Still he must be on some list now, as he had Christmas card from Charles even though when he met the guy last year he told him in (not so many words) what a bunch of crap his ideas were.

I told my dad that if he goes (I think he is on the grounds of why say no to a free lunch, and besides, it could be good for a giggle…) that he is dress smart like you would for any dinner party but not with a tie, and that he should address Liz like any other person. You know, over the course of dinner, “Excuse me Liz, you couldn’t just pass me the veg could you?”. I hope he does… *grins*