So come on friends? Spill! Where are y’all? I know a few of you are taking January off from your journals, but just take a look at the state of my friends page. You can’t all be detoxing from the cursed web of wonders?

It’s true that I’m not turning on ye olde IM as much at the moment, and that I intend to persue some more non-web hobbies (like that age old art of reading a good book), together with getting on with that novel – but I do also like to read your words (in part because of my dreadful lack of anything resembling a social life – okay maybe a bit of an exageration but you get my point – but mostly because what you guys write/post is always so damn interesting, inteligent, and … umm … brilliant.

So where are ye?

All of you present, raise your hands, and say ‘Aye’…