It’s occurred to me today, that, after the events of yesterday, I should feel really, really pleased with how I did. I’ve never ever done a formal presentation before (unless you count my lamitable attempts at college where I would hide behind a script and overheads), never used PowerPoint to present anything, and to do your first ever one in an interview situation and do it well, is I think something which I should justifiably feel proud.

On the rumour mill, I have heard that apparently one of my interviewers (we shall call him Edward, the UK Production Director) thought my presentation was very good, and that my interview technique is much improved an polished. What that means, lord only knows, but I obviously put on good show.

Whatever the result of this, I’m glad I did it. I have learnt some valuable new skills, and done something that I have never done before, and I should feel very proud of myself.