There isn’t really a question. Not only are gas and coal power stations choking the environment but we are running out of these non-renewable resources. We have to go nuclear.

That said, it’s also not the whole answer. We have to pursue all energy solutions at the same time, finding local solutions. A little bit of wind, a bit of solar, maybe some hydro, and wave harnessing technology. All of these things though, currently aren’t enough to fulfil our needs (or not without ruining huge swathes of countryside with wind turbines) so we have to have a return to nuclear at the core. And with nuclear maybe we can develop hydrogen fuel cells as an economical alternative to petrol/diesel in cars and busses. Won’t do much for plane travel but we could do something about our roads.

And while we are at it, the place that we can put wind turbines are in ports, they look good in there with the rest of the port furniture and cranes and ther like. Oh, and while we are at it, where could be a better place for a wind turbine but on top of a nuclear power station – you’ve got a big, ugly box on the horizon anyhow, so put a few wind turbines around it.

And whilst we replace non-renewable, and carbon ommitting energy, energy just as fast as we can with nuclear, lets not forget to pursue all those other energy solutions at the same time along with one’s that we may not have thought of yet.