Well it seems that my Digifusion box is faulty. I haven’t spoken to the helpline yet (‘cos they’re not open at weekends) but it’s definitely not behaving as it ought (my brother has a similar model so he’s been guiding me over the phone). I get a Freeview Digital reception absolutely fine of all channels, but when I record things, it fails to record/playback anything other than blackness and zero sound, and worryingly the menus show the disk as having free space of up to 187% (how can any percentage be greater than 100?!!). I’ve tried power cycling the box, and reformatting the hard disk but no joy… :\

I think I am going to phone them come Monday and arrange a collection/refund. And then once that is secured, head down to my local Comet (or similar and buy a different make and model (the same as the one my parents have got).

Gggrrrr – I really hate technology when it doesn’t work for any good reason! 🙁

Supplementary: I’ve fetched the old video recorder down from the attic for tomorrow so that I can record The Virgin Queen, Rock School, and still watch Lewis (the Inspector Morse spin-off).