Why is it that whenever there’s anything half-decent to watch on tele, it clashes with something else good on tele? As has been aforementioned in these pages, tonight there is episode two of BBC1’s drama The Virgin Queen, ITV are screening the pilot episode of Lewis, and Channel4 are visiting my old stomping ground in Rock School. In order to get over this hiccup of fine scheduling, I have fetched my old video recorder down from the attic.

I am impressed to discover that even though it’s been up there getting cold for over a year it has retained the tuning of all my channels; although I did have to use my ‘Perpetual Calendar’ to discover that the corresponding year to 2006 as regards dates to days of the week, is 1995 (this I had to do, as the old video recorder only goes as far as 2005 – I guess they thought no one would still be using it…). I have hooked it up to record Rock School, and have now only to decide which of the other dramas to watch and which to record.

In other news, I went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine in Stoke Woods. Very nice, although the signs of spring, despite the sunny weather, are still far from advancing. I guess it is still only January…

I have also put up the shelves in the lounge from yesterdays Ikea trip, cleaned the house, and I am now thinking about cooking my roast lamb for dinner. 🙂