Despite the mild annoyance of broken digiboxes and middle-of-the-night-pukings, yesterday was actually a good day.

In the morning, I headed off to Abingdon for a spot of swimming. I upped my lap total to 44 lengths in c. 50 minutes, swimming them in non-stop lenghts of 6, 4 (followed by a short rest due to stitch), 10, 12, and 12. I’ve never ever swum 10, let alone 12, lengths non-stop like that. I know it’s not much, but it’s a big achievement for me. Go me!!

I finished up, with a trip to the supermarket to get lots of lovely food.

Then in the afternoon, I headed off to the new Ikea in Milton Keynes (nice and near at only half an hour away) for bookends and shelving to cater for my growing library of books. Now I just have to get my drill and screws, and wall plugs and such out and put them up…